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Patient Area

Space exclusively dedicated to my patients, containing guidelines for the therapeutic process

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Therapeutic Contract

In order to carry out serious and clear work for both parties, I record in this contract the conditions to be followed by the patient during the
psychotherapeutic process:


  1. Attend sessions on time, respecting the schedule in advance
    combined, with a maximum tolerance of 15 minutes late;

  2. If you need to be absent from the agreed session, let me know one day in advance (at the exact time I send the session confirmation until, at the latest, 10:30 pm. If there are no responses by this time, I will understand that you will attend the session the following day and, if you do not attend, follow the same rules for non-attendance), otherwise, 100% of the session will be charged. The same will happen if the patient does not notify them of non-attendance.
    It is worth noting that, if the patient has paid for the package in advance, the amount will not be refunded in case of cancellation of services. And if the patient needs to temporarily stop previously paid sessions, the deadline for carrying out the package sessions is a maximum of 4 months (4-month break). After this period, the package must be renewed and the amount previously paid must be lost;

  3. It is agreed that the patient undertakes to make payments for the sessions as agreed with the Psychologist, with preference being: payments in advance and/or for each session;

  4. It is agreed here that, during psychotherapeutic follow-up, the
    patient undertakes not to commit any act against his own life,
    being aware that therapy will help you to go through emotional pain, which takes some time to overcome, being aware that any possibility of a suicide attempt allows the psychologist to break confidentiality in order to activate the protection network of the patient. The same goes for any possibilities of domestic violence. Thus, a breach of confidentiality will occur in the event of a risk of death for the patient (suicide and/or domestic violence/threats) and if the patient warns that he or she will commit a crime (risk of death for third parties).

  5. It is also agreed that the patient will seek to follow the psychologist's instructions
    regarding medical and/or psychiatric consultations, as well as taking psychiatric medication if necessary, in accordance with
    guidance from the medical specialist in question, aware that psychotherapy only
    it will be effective if you follow the treatment properly;


    6. It is agreed that if the items above are not followed, the psychologist will put herself in the
right to terminate treatment. However, this professional is open to negotiations and ethical agreements.

Yours sincerely,

Michelly Antunes Ribeiro

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Patient Registration Form

If you have already booked your appointment with me and we have already spoken via WhatsApp or phone, click the button below to fill out the form.patient registration form (essential).

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